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Smart, fast and smooth
for all vehicles.

Increase sales using our market leading e-commerce solution E-CAR Suite

E-CAR Suite is a modern digital e-commerce platform adapted so that you as a car & vehicle dealer can sell new vehicles and accessories from your own digital channels. E-CAR Suite can be quickly integrated without large investments and contains from the start the necessary car data, pictures and everything else needed to quickly get started with online sales.


E-CAR Suite advantages


All inclusive

Brands, models and equipment lists come prepared with the system. Everything to make the setup as quick and easy as possible.


Search, compare and order
Customers have the opportunity to sort vehicles by vehicle type, driveline and current campaigns. You decide which types of vehicles you want to sell through simple settings in our admin interface.


Unlimited mileage and contract lengths
It is easy for the customer to configure the number of miles and the length of the contract period. E-CAR Suite has built-in formulas for all financial forms, which means that the customer can parameterize residual values and cash contributions etc.


Secure and easy verification through BankID
To make the experience as safe and secure as possible for the customer - and for you as a merchant - E-CAR Suite uses BankID for verification when the words are added.


Compatible with vehicles other than cars
The E-CAR Suite platform supports all vehicle types. Through the vehicle selector, the customer can easily choose to search and compare makes and models from, for example, motorcycles, mopeds, mopeds, motorhomes and ATVs.


Let the customer decide the form of finance
E-CAR Suite offers a number of different forms of finance in addition to private leasing - for both private and corporate customers.
E-CAR Suite supports private leasing, financial leasing, installments, VAT credit, and long-term rentals for
private and corporate.


Home delivery - if the customer can choose
If you as a reseller have the opportunity to offer home delivery, it is easy to switch on the function in our admin interface. Of course, you can control the home delivery on postcode code and at a fixed price per month.


REST API for connection to third-party tools
E-Car Suite has a modern architecture and is prepared to be connected to various third-party systems. A faceless REST API also makes it possible to build your very own design solution if desired.


Options / Accessories sales

Make it easy for the customer to equip the car with extra options such as insurance, winter wheels, towbar, engine heater etc.


Built to shop on mobile
E-CAR Suite is built on the mobile-first principle. Over 70% of all online orders are made via mobile - a well-functioning mobile web shop is a basic prerequisite.

Customer reviews


E-CAR Suite gives us a fantastic opportunity to reach customers online that we otherwise would not have received. Not least in the past year when the Covid 19 pandemic has made customers want to visit the car park to a lesser extent. With the e-commerce solution, our customers can easily apply for a Renault or Dacia on private leasing around the clock. We are very positive about the e-commerce solution E-CAR Suite from Leaseonline. Online car shopping is definitely here to stay.


Mona Zätestam, Renault Nordic

Expand into new markets?
We support
different languages and currencies.


E-CAR Suite is fully adapted with currency and language support for quick and easy integration in new markets. In addition, the system is designed to handle most forms of finance in the European market.

Fast setup
Local finance adaptions
Language & currency support

Contact us for a demo!
Tel. 0200-210 320

Safe and easy verification

To make the experience as safe and secure as possible for the customer - and for you as a retailer - E-CAR Suite uses BankID for verification in connection with ordering.
Of course, it is your company name that is the sender when the customer verifies against BankID.


Connection API
against third-party solutions

E-CAR Suite has a modern architecture and is prepared to be connected to various third-party systems. A faceless REST API also makes it possible to build your very own design solution if desired.


Vehicle e-commerce - not just a private business .. Sell directly to companies !

You know that just as well as selling a car to a private customer online, we can help you sell your car to your corporate customers online. E-CAR Suite supports financial leasing, long-term rent for companies and VAT credit repayment, regardless of whether it is a transport car, pickup or passenger car. Through the intuitive admin interface, you can easily choose which forms of finance to offer.


About us
E-CAR Suite & Leaseonline

The goal of the E-CAR Suite platform is to simplify the process of buying and selling vehicles better for all parties involved. We do this by offering an e-commerce solution, which offers the customer a simple & understandable shopping experience. Our goal is to offer retailers a tool that makes the customer feel as safe to place their order online as to do the business traditionally in the store.

Learning By doing
We have learned the business by living it. E-CAR Suite is the e-commerce platform behind the vehicle portal We have been selling cars online since 2015 and have learned a lot during the journey. Since the start in 2015, we have sold and brokered thousands of cars through our platform.

Our new focus
In 2017, the business grew and we started offering our software as a service to resellers. This is now 100% of our business focus.

E-CAR Suite as an e-commerce platform has been shaped and created by countless meetings and dialogues with our platform customers. And continues to develop and expand to anticipate customers 'and retailers' greatest needs.

Om oss

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Are you interested in knowing more about our E-CAR Suite platform and how it can help you increase your sales? Or maybe you are interested in a demo? Call or email us for more information.


E-CAR Suite

Leaseonline Sweden AB
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